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Finally, a new way to protect your steel!

Are you looking for a high quality case that will fit most any lap steel guitar on the market? Your search is over....

Morrell by TKL B4151 Hardshell Case

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Nashville session artist, John Heinrich knows a thing or two about the lap steel guitar! Watch him demo this Joe Morrell Pro Series 6 String! This guitar is in stock now. Learn more

Check out the latest from Sean Williamson on his Maple Joe Morrell Pro Series Lap Steel!  Watch this play-thru of Sean while playing Shonn Hinton and Shotgun's new single Charmaine ! 

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Available in Tuning Sets that Match Your Style of Play.

Save an additional 15% when you buy 3 sets.

Morrell Nickel Steel Strings

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Shop Morrell Lap Steel Guitar Strings
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